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Many Ways To Support Fellow Canadians

Welcome to our website and future digital shopping platform, we are a Canadian startup seeking to disrupt the current meat industry in Canada and put the power back into the hands of farmers and small business owners, by cutting out the middlemen and allowing producers to sell directly to consumers across the country. We are in the early days of business development but seeking to speak with farmers and butchers across the country to set up supply chains and pricing semantics that work for them and their needs. As a partner business on our platform, you get to set the prices for your products and control all of the nuances of the shipping, delivery, and/or customer order pickups. Imagine being able to sell to everyone in your community and region of Canada, and not have to focus on marketing or transactions, and just focus on farming and doing what you love. That is our goal, and we are excited to roll this out in Canada.

Types of Meat Available For Sale Online in Canada

Across Canada there are so many amazing farmers, butchers, small business owners, and specialty meat shops, selling some of the world’s best products, however, not everyone understands all of the cuts and the quality that goes into raising the best meat animals. As part of our platform, we have an educational and informative section related to each type and cut of meat, so customers know what they are getting, what part of the animal it comes from, and why things cost the way that they do. This provides full transparency to the end customer and empowers meat-providing companies to have stable and strong pricing for the right cuts of meat sold to members of their community. As we build out our website, we will have a dynamic education and frequently asked questions section.

Ways To Shop and Save, While Buying Meat Online

Customers have a lot of choices these days from where and when to buy meat products online and in person in Canada, our platform seeks to make things as easy as possible for both the customers and meat providers. We will be overlaying a loyalty program that is similar to a Costco membership, wherein for a yearly loyalty membership fee, you get free shipping above a certain amount, discounts on each order, and other incentives. Subscription boxes and similar will be available to our customers as well, making things nearly stress-free to get the best types and cuts of meat from Canadian producers across your region.

Find Value With Our Direct to Consumer Platform

There is a number of ways to find value with our digital platform, whether you want to be a customer, join us with your business as a fulfillment partner, or as an investor in the company. At the moment we are in the beta phase of the business rollout while refining our business plan documents, corporate mandate, and standard operating procedures. We venture to be fully transparent to all parties who buy meat products from us, sell products through us, or invest in our startup. We welcome you to use the buttons below to reach out to us and chat about how to find value together. We are proudly Canadian.

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Customer Contact

We are in the early beta days of the website, however, we welcome questions and comments from potential customers, so we can refine and perfect our offering to provide true value to Canadians while supporting the communities they live in

Join as a business partner fulfillment provider for a direct to consumer buy meat online company in Canada

Business Contact

If you are a local farmer or butcher here in Canada, no matter which province or territory, we would like to hear from you to chat about working together, our platform provides direct sales and you control the supply chain and semantics to the fulfillment

invest in startup company direct to consumer meat delivery service shop and buy online in canada

Investor Contact

If you love meat and want to support and celebrate Canadian farmers and butchers, this is your chance to get involved as an investor, the business will remain private and the idea here is to uplift Canada’s food supply for meats while turning a profit for our investors and business fulfillment partners

We Love Content Marketing and Community

The real value of what we will be doing is our marketing, branding, and customer service. We will have best-in-class digital content marketing which allows us to be front and center in search engines, social media, and other digital platforms where people come together. As the blog launches you will find neat informative and educational content, we plan to visit and interview farmers and butchers across the country in a full magazine-style format online on our website, and we will be picking the brains of Canada’s best chefs, cooks, and recipe creators, to connect you with new methods and ways to prepare your meat dishes. If you would like to write blogs or provide recipes to us, please consider contacting us as we can work together to provide value in all directions.

Buy Meat Online in Canada for Pickup and Delivery

Canada produces some of the best quality and best-tasting meat on earth, and we take a lot of pride in what we do and how we care for the animals through the maturation process. Combining communities together to offer Canadians direct-to-consumer meat products from farmers, butchers, specialty shop owners, accessories, and dry rub brands, will allow us to uplift one another and live a healthier life. There is nothing more sustainable and good for the community and environment than meat animals raised in the pasture with active living soil and indigenous grass feeding them. No matter which province or territory you live in, our website platform will eventually be in your community as business owners have full control of their prices and shipping or pickup specifics. There is no downside to what we are building, just more money in the hands of Canadian families on the ground in the communities we live within.

Support Canadian: Farmers and Butchers.

Ways to Cook, BBQ-Grill, Smoke, and Prepare Meat Dishes to Enjoy

We are building a comprehensive and engaging education and recipe section on our website, so you can learn about the types of meat and their cuts, but also check out some new ways to prepare your meals. Chefs, cooks, and at-home recipe wizards will be welcome to publish content with us in that capacity, as well as having our own team of in-house content writers. We venture to explore all of the cultural nuances of ways meat is prepared from all of the regions, provinces, and territories across Canada. In that way, highlighting meal ideas from people from all walks of life and from all corners of the country. You will be able to look at the recipes, and then beside the recipe itself will be linking to buy the meat on our website that is used in the recipe articles, educating yourself and then ordering meat online for delivery or pickup. First, you get to learn about awesome recipes, then you get to try them for yourself.